Manufacturing Sub-contracting

A Trusted Part of Your Work-flow

With more than 30 years experience in manufacturing JDR Products is well placed to help you maximise the advantages of sub-contracting as your supply chain partner.

Advantages of Sub-contracting

Introducing sub-contracting into your work-flow can bring important advantages to your business:

  • Flexibly utilise JDR to increase your capacity with the ebb and flow of production demand
  • Focus on your core competencies while applying JDR’s expertise to your advantage
  • Reduce costs by using JDR’s capability to eliminate under-utilisation in your space
  • Spread production cost by drawing from stock only as you use it
  • Apply JDR’s manufacturing expertise in your product development cycle.

Full Service Sub-contracting

As your sub-contractor we aim to work as seamlessly as possible with your work-flow, and fully project manage our end to ensure this happens. This means that while critical elements such as quality control, specifications, tolerances, lead times and deadlines do not get overlooked the other details matter too, like making sure we dispatch under your label as required. As your sub-contractor we make it our business to care as much as you do about your project.

High Quality Manufacture for Sub-contract Clients

All of our manufacturing processes are available to both our sub-contract clients, and our first line manufacture customers, at the same high standards of quality.

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Add Value to Your Offer

Our sub-contracting clients add value to what they offer their customers by adopting JDR as a responsive and reliable production partner.

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